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Corn for popcorn

Popcorn is made of roasted maize grains and is one of the most popular snacks worldwide.
Corn has the capacity to puff up because its grains are made of a hard shell protecting the kernel, which contains a thick starchy filling, from moisture.
So, when the corn heats up, the starch in the inner kernel boils and then an enormous pressure is created. Gradually, the pressure increases and the shell cannot bear up and explodes.
Popcorn is a food of low calories and many beneficial antioxidants. This is the case, of course, of plain popcorn without added salt, butter or oil.
One type of antioxidants contained in popcorn is polyphenols which help both in the protection against some forms of cancer and in the reduction of cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, popcorn is an important source of vegetable fibres, since it is a 100% wholegrain product.