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The nutritious chickpeas

The presence of many nutrients in chickpeas makes them an ideal food with many health benefits. Chickpeas can be eaten as a soup, salad, purée or even cooked in the oven.


Chickpeas are mainly produced in Mexico and in the countries around Mediterranean. In Greece, they are cultivated in many regions, like Larissa, Serres, Kozani and Katerini.


Chickpeas are a rich source of vegetable fibres which reduce the level of LDL cholesterol and stabilise the sugar levels in blood.

Another property of them is that they contain a significant amount of magnesium which helps reduce blood pressure and, therefore, enhances cardiovascular health.

Moreover, it is a good source of calcium, given that they are eaten with their shell (containing 70% of their content in calcium).

Last but not least, chickpeas provide human body with an amount of proteins which are equivalent to the proteins of meat, milk and soya.