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Chorozi beans

 Chorozi is a variety of beans that is mostly used in the preparation of “fasolada” (a soup with beans) in other regions of Greece (on the south), while being completely unknown in other regions of the country. In general, it is very tasty and easy to digest and is cultivated in different areas of our country.

It is listed among the most known bean species worldwide and Argentina is the main producer. It is usually called “alubia bean” in the countries of the American South but it is also called “white kidney” because it is kidney-shaped.

In Italy, it is mostly consumed in Tuscany where it is called “cannellini bean”, as diminutive of the Latin word “canna” (cane, spall pipe), also inspired by its shape (long and cylindrical).

In any case, it is assumed that the name “chorozi” has its origin in the Turkish “choroz” bean that means rooster.